Frequently Asked Questions

1.     Do you have a storefront location?


Currently we do not have a company-owned storefront location however our products are available through a network of independent hardware retailer (see below). Our Apopka, FL address is our shipping warehouse only and is not equipped to accept payments or transact purchases. 


2.    If I don’t wish to purchase online, are your products carried in any retail stores? 


We sure are! We have multiple retailers that carry our products including some Ace Hardware, True Value, and some independent hardware chains throughout the US. Email us at bayshoremailboxco@gmail.comand we can help you find a retail location near you.  We are also in Ace Hardware’s online system where they can special order our products delivered directly to your local Ace!  You can also find a complete list of retail locations on our Facebook Page.  


3.     How to remove old door?


Most commonly, you can drill out the old rivets from the underneath/inside of the door.  This is fairly easy as you can use the concave shape of the rivet to hold the drill bit in place. You don't need to worry if the metal gets messed up a little. The RetroFit door will cover it all and the mess won’t be seen.


4.     Does the RetroFit work on plastic mailboxes? 


Unfortunately not. Metal mailboxes are constructed with a metal lip at the front prevent sharp edges and to provide structural integrity.   The RetroFit doors snap into place behind this lip, but plastic mailboxes do not typically have this feature. Without this lip our doors will not snap properly into place. 


5.    What is the standard shipping time? 


We ship via USPS First Class and Priority Mail, and shipping time usually averages about 2-3 days depending on your location.   This is only an estimate as the USPS does not provide guarantees.   We have chosen to ship via USPS to keep shipping costs down.  We ship from FL and find if it’s being shipped to the West Coast such as CA, OR, WA it might take 3-4 days on average.   Please allow extra time for shipments to AK and HI.        If you put an email address with your order you will get a confirmation once your order ships with your tracking number.   Please contact us if you are interested in shipment outside the US.


6.    How much is shipping? 


We use flat rate shipping and our shipping charges depend on the total of your order.    Currently a Small Door ships for $3.75, a Large Door for $5.75, and a Jumbo Door for $8.75.   Additional products may add to this amount depending on the weight.  


7.    Can I get expedited shipping? 


Absolutely. If you give us a call at 321-747-7078 we just need to know what products you’re wanting to order and your address and we can price out all the expedited options for you.   In most cases the cost is somewhat prohibited and can equal or exceed the price of the product itself, so we do not recommend expedited shipping unless you must have the product overnight.    We ship overnight packages via FedEx. 


8.    When can I expect my order to ship? 


We ship 3 days a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday unless a holiday falls on those days and the post office is closed. We do not ship out on Saturday and Sunday as we are closed.   Cut off for shipping is 2PM, so orders received  before 2PM on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays typically ship out same day.   Likewise, orders receive after 2PM on Monday or Tuesday would ship out on Wednesday.  Currently all products are in stock, however if a product is temporarily out of stock, it will be clearly noted on the product page. 


9.    Are you open on the weekends? 


We are closed on the weekends and open Monday-Friday unless it is a holiday. If you call over the weekend be sure to leave us a voicemail and we’ll get back to you as soon as we’re back in the office!    We are a family owned business, so sometimes you can reach us on Saturday or receive a call back over the weekend.



10.                  How do our doors stay closed? 


All metal mailboxes are made with a lip at the front opening. This is where the original manufacturers bend the metal so there are no sharp edges at the front where you stick your hand in to get the mail. Our doors have compression wings (one on either side and a small one at the top). These compression wings push in and expand behind that lip holding them into place. We made our doors to match the 3 standard sizes of metal mailboxes so the doors are made to fix each correlating size exactly. The door itself is made to just sit over the top of that front lip like a normal mailbox door. 



11.   My EXTERIOR latch is missing, will the door still work? 


Yes, our doors will still stay shut without an exterior latch. Exterior latches of course give extra protection to extreme weather and rough Postmen, but our doors should stay shut on their own in normal conditions without any issues. 



12.                  What if the door I’m replacing had an INTERNAL latching device? 


Some metal mailboxes have internal latching devices that were part of the original design of the mailbox door. Our doors do not come with any additional latching device. If your current mailbox had an internal latch we have found that adding simple compression bands to our doors (unnoticeable once installed) help give those doors with an internal latch an even tighter fit. If this is the situation for your mailbox, let us know BEFORE you place your order and we are happy to add these before your order ships. They are very simple and something we have found to work quite successfully. 



13.  How do I measure?


You want to measure the opening of your mailbox, not the old door. You will want the width from edge to edge (Including the lip at the front opening) and the height from the bottom of the floor, to the top of the arch (including the lip, but NOT including any exterior latching device that may be attached to the top).    We have attached pictures with each of the products to demonstrate the measurements of each Door. 


14.  My mailbox is metal but doen’t line up with one of your sizes? 


Our 3 sizes are based on the USPS approved “standard” sizes of metal mailboxes available. There of course are many custom metal mailboxes out there that could have different dimensions than the 3 listed on our site.   If in doubt snap us a few pictures of your mailbox and measurements and email them to us at bayshoremailboxco@gmail.comand we are happy to  take a look and give you our recommendations.



15.  Do you offer military discount? 


Absolutely, we are proud to provide a military discount. It’s the least we can do to thank you for your service to our country. Please email us at bayshoremailboxco@gmail.comor give us a call at 321-747-7078 and we can give you a special personalized code to use. 



16.  Part of my metal mailbox sticks out of the brick enclosure, will your RetroFit still work? 


Absolutely. Like your original door ours will sit just over the actual opening creating a snug shut fit. 



17.  My hinges are rusted off, will the Retrofit still work? 


This is not a problem. Our doors come with their own new hinges and will snap over top of your old rusty ones. Even if your hinges become damaged while removing your old door this is fine too, our door will cover that. 


18.  If I need a large quantity can I get a discount? 


If you need multiples of an item we are happy to work with you on a case by case basis. You can email Brittany our Sales/Marketing Manager at Brittany.bayshore@gmail.comto discuss details. If you know the size and quantity of products you need let her know and she can get working on pricing for you quickly! 


19.  I’m a retailer who wants to stock your products, how do I do so? 


We are always looking for new partners in the Hardware industry. Please email Brittany our Sales/Marketing Manager at Brittany.bayshore@gmail.comto discuss further