Mailbox Replacement Doors

The RetroFit is an easy to use, easy to install, snap-in replacement mailbox door, for standard steel and aluminum US post office mailboxes. The RetroFit simply snaps in, and remains secure to fit in virtually all commercially available standard 6 1/4″ mailboxes. See photos for illustration of dimensions. The Retrofit is designed to account for small variances in mailbox diminsions, to account for manufacturing variances among the different mailbox manufactures. Also, the exact measurement may depend on whether you measure the inside of the mailbox ridge, or the outside of the mailbox or mailbox door. The RetroFit is designed for steel and aluminum mailboxes and has not been tested for plastic mailboxes. The RetroFit insert is ideal for broken monument and brick mailboxes where removal of the original mailbox is prohibitive. The RetroFit will also work perfection on any standard post mailbox. Installation takes less than 5 minutes and no tools are required. With the RetroFit, there is no need for grinders and saws to remove the protruding mailbox, and requires no glues to hold in place. The RetroFit is a solid, permenant solution, that can easily be remove and replaced if damaged again. Please click the Installation Tab for easy installation instructions and an informative video, or click here for the video on YouTube If you have additional questions about the product, installation or your particular mailbox, please email us at
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Large RetroFit Mailbox Replacement Door - Black
MSRP: $59.95
Price: $39.95
You Save: 33 %
Large RetroFit Mailbox Replacement Door - Black
Large Black 8"(Width) by 10"(Height) RetroFit Mailbox Replacement Door by Bayshore Mailbox. Installs easily in minutes with patented snap-in replacement design. Fits virtually all standard USPS approved metal mailboxes