Small Mailbox Door Black

6 1/4"(w) x 8"(h) Small RetroFit - Black

Small Black 6 1/4"(Width) by 8"(Height) RetroFit Mailbox Replacement Door by Bayshore Mailbox. Installs easily in minutes with patented snap-in replacement design. Fits virtually all standard USPS approved metal mailboxes

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Great Product!
John Scheidel (Indiana) 6/8/2018 2:48 PM
30 Seconds to walk to the Mail Box.....5 seconds to install it. Excellent Product!
Worked Like a Champ
Shawn Kogan (Houston, TX) 4/3/2018 1:02 PM
As promised, installs in minutes. Easy! Smooth operation too. For years I've lived with a ratty looking door - torn and hanging - because I thought I had to pull the entire box out of the brick. I wish I would have found this sooner.
Outstanding Customer Service & Products
Roger Mitchell (Middle Tennessee) 1/28/2018 6:21 PM
I reached out to Bayshore for assistance with a recently purchased mailbox door that would not stay closed. Apparently, my original mailbox was of a rare design that had interior latching. Bayshore quickly diagnosed the problem and sent me a second mailbox door to correct the latching problem. They handled this issue on a Sunday. Simply outstanding Customer Service from a company that clearly stands behind their product and is focused on complete customer satisfaction with their products.
I wish I had ordered sooner
Laura (Tennessee) 10/3/2017 7:57 AM
I just received the replacement door from your company, and I can't say enough about how pleased I am. Excellent fit, so easy to install, great customer service. I just wish I had ordered sooner. Thank you so very much.
Great Product
Paul (Unknown) 8/28/2017 8:52 AM
It came today and the installation was so easy. Great product.
The Perfect Fit
Kietha Adams (Houston) 6/8/2017 11:20 PM
I'm so glad I order our brick mailbox door replacement from here. It took no time to install. I took it out the box, walked to my mailbox and inserted into our brick mailbox with little to no force at all. I should have looked this company up to replace that door a long time ago. I believe installation took all of 2 minutes, including the walk to my mailbox. I'm so happy my replace door came right in time for the upcoming rainy days, I hope it is able to keep everything dry.
Great mailbox door replacement invention, no tools required!
Happy Customer (Louisiana) 12/3/2016 7:05 PM
I also have a brick enclosure for my mailbox. The door kept falling off no matter what I tried to fix it, pliers, etc. After searching online, I found this fabulous product. Whoever created this excellent and quick fix has done a great service to the community. It's been raining quite a bit so I'm happy I got this problem fixed in the nick of time!
Thank You
ken (USA) 7/18/2016 9:05 PM
Thank you very much for the 6.25"width mail box cover it fit and looks wonderful. All of the Houses here have little brick mail box enclosures. My cover rotted off just like in your Video. Called three Masons for a estimate to replace mailbox. Lowest one 850.00 highest One was 1025.00! Anyway thanks again for a wonderful product that works.
Happy Customer (Katy, TX) 6/21/2016 6:30 PM
Perfect! Very pleased. Exactly what I was looking for. Just as described on the website, installed in seconds and fits perfectly onto my existing brick mailbox. The product is very well made. Shipping was really fast, great customer service! Would recommend this company anytime! Thank you for solving a real problem with a great, easy to use product!
Happy Customer (Katy, TX) 6/21/2016 6:30 PM
Perfect! Very pleased. Exactly what I was looking for. Just as described on the website, installed in seconds and fits perfectly onto my existing brick mailbox. The product is very well made. Shipping was really fast, great customer service! Would recommend this company anytime! Thank you for solving a real problem with a great, easy to use product!
Rebecca (Anna, TX) 3/11/2016 12:39 PM
Wow! I highly recommend this company!!! After my mailbox (encased in brick) was hit by a car, the HOA was threatening me about getting it fixed. I had called several numbers about getting it repaired, but never heard back from any of them. I saw this on Google and Todd was awesome in helping me! I had gone to Home Depot and showed the guy a picture of my mailbox and he recommended complete replacement. I sent a picture to Todd and he recommended replacing the door. Todd saved me A LOT of money and extra work! Such an incredibly helpful person!!
Mail Box Door
Leonard (Birningham) 1/31/2016 8:33 PM
The replacement door works exactly like advertised. I would recommend this product to anyone that does not want the hassle of having to replace a brick mailbox! Great product!
Brenda (Georgia) 1/11/2016 2:26 AM
Thanks Bayshore & Team for allowing me to quickly remove a to-do item from my lengthy list. You get 5 stars from online ordering to the install. I'm tempted to stop at every home needing a "Mailbox Door Replacement" and scream your name!
Works Great
Emmie (Tyrone) 11/25/2015 12:58 PM
I just want to say thank you soooooooooooooo much. It works I attached it to my mailbox myself. What a great invention!!!
Thanks Todd
Emmie (Georgia) 11/4/2015 11:38 AM
Hi Todd, I received the Retrofit kit and I just want to say thank you soooooooooooooo much, it works I attached it to my mailbox myself, me what a great invention. Thanks again
42 seconds! Say What?
Stephanie (Seymour TN) 5/5/2015 5:41 PM
The hinge to the door on my mailbox broke about a month ago and I was worried I was going to have to somehow chisel the old mailbox out in order to replace it. After a bit of Google searching I found this BayShore Retrofit, I also found another product made by another company, but it still required me to saw away some of the metal of the door before I could replace the door and they were more EXPENSIVE! I ordered the Bayshore Retrofit and I could not be happier. It took me 42 seconds to pull the old door completely off and replace with the Retrofit! I LOVE IT, looks brand new!
A nice neat easy repair
Ron MacArthur (Sulphur, OK) 9/30/2014 10:18 AM
When we moved into this addition our mailbox, embedded in concrete, had the upper half of its door missing. Our mail got wet and there was always the risk of it blowing away in our near constant winds. After a couple of years of frustration I went on line and found the advert for this replacement door. I measured then ordered one. It got here in four days and was a very easy install. I pulled the existing rivets through the metal but drilling them out would have been neater. I had to reshape the mailbox opening some as it had been bent (must have been hit somehow). Once that was straightened this replacement just popped in and it fits very well. Added numerals for the house number and now it looks brand new. Great idea and I will pass it on to others.
works as advertised
ken kuno (granger, indiana) 9/13/2014 1:07 PM
I was skeptical at first but decided to try this item since it looked to be the easiest and fastest way to fix my mailbox which is embedded in brick. Used an oscillating tool to cut off the remaining hinge, then popped the new door in. As probably echoed similarly in the other comments below, I spent more time digging out the oscillating tool than I did installing the door. Putting the door in was literally a few seconds. So truth in advertising still exists. I recommend this product.
Mailbox door
Joyce (Oklahoma) 6/24/2014 4:03 PM
You guys saved me a ton of money and saved my mail. I have been doctoring my mailbox door for years and it finally died. I did not have a clue how I was going to fix it since it is encased in bricks. Found your website and figured what did I have to lose. Received it in my door less mailbox so I only had 2 steps to do, open box and install. It took longer to open the box than it did to install. I've been so pleased I'm tempted to go to all door less mailboxes in the neighbor with your company website. Thanks and my now dry mail thanks you as wail as the mailman.
Got it!
Paul (Texas) 4/8/2014 5:16 PM
Go it, it's in and working. Greatest invention since the light bulb! THANKS.. PAUL
Evelyn (Alabama) 4/2/2014 2:17 PM
I am so pleased with the new door, that I posted about it on my FB page: VOLUNTARY SPOKESPERSON for BAYSHORE. For years our brick mailbox has lost its door--mail gets wet, etc. In less than 5 seconds I installed the RetroFit and it is like having a NEW MAILBOX! Now the mail carrier has to expend a little more energy to deliver our mail--i.e. open and close the door. IT'S A FANTASTIC FIX! I included your website in the post.
Our Mailbox
David (Georgia) 3/28/2014 11:57 AM
I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with your product. I just got it in yesterday. I went home and in less than 5 minutes it was in and done. It wouldn't have taken that long but i needed some tools to get the old door off first, which required me to inside the house and get them. The new door looks nice and fits perfectly. Just wanted to let you know.
Rita (US) 12/12/2013 4:25 PM
I just wanted to let you know that I received the mailbox lid I ordered and it did everything you said it would. I was stressing trying to figure out how I was going to fix my mailbox. I googled how to fix a brick mailbox and that's when I found your product and I couldn't be happier. I fixed my mailbox in less time than it took to get it out of the packing box. All I can say is Thank you, for a wonderful product and making my Holidays less stressful. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
AMY (GEORGIA) 10/19/2013 12:17 AM
Looks great
Marjie (Florida) 8/29/2013 4:22 PM
Just wanted to let you know again how easy the mailbox door was to install and it looks great!