Kit includes two (2) pieces pre-cut to fit all standard Jumbo 11" width x 14" height standard metal mailboxes.    Part 1 - Black flexible ABS sleeve, Part 2 - Unpainted Bottom Aluminum tray

Bayshore interior rust and moisture guard.    Slides into place and fits all manufacturers 11" by 14" metal mailboxes.     Flexible arch made of ABS fits neatly and securely into the mailbox and conforms to the mailbox shape when pressed into the bottom corners.    The sleeve is black and the bottom tray is unfinished aluminum which can be painted if desired.    ABS arch is waterproof and highly rugged.   Bottom floor is made of rust resistant aluminum and fits snuggly onto existing floor.    Together the two pieces provide moisture  protection and cover holes in metal where bugs and other creatures may enter the mailbox.     The rust and moisture guard is designed to work perfectly with the RetroFit Mailbox Replacement Door

View YouTube installation video here     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbtixQJwb-Q

Product has not been tested for all models of plastic mailboxes and is not currently certified for plastic mailboxes
Jumbo 11"(w) x 14"(h) Jumbo Rust Sleeve

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